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enrichment academy with licensed centers...

Concentration + Daily Drill + Structure + Time = Excellence” — Ed Gurukul

Ed Gurukul, a premier complementary educational institution which offers comprehensive course curriculum in several fields. See our Courses and Programs section.

Ed Gurukul Centers offer weekly once subject specific advanced coaching classes throughout the year. Students can just select one ore more courses and each course has classes once a week for an hour with class teaching, class work, and homework booklet. We have totally 48 booklets to be covered in each level from K through 12. Our Level topics are higher than the grade level topics.

Our courses are designed to
• Enhance the skills of students in several areas.
• Reinforce the learning that the schools deliver and take the students to higher level to stay ahead.

At Ed Gurukul, the teachers and the program enforce the discipline of thinking logically, deriving gradually, and writing methodically.

Ed Gurukul focuses on a “Full Cycle Learning” that helps students achieve learning for a lifetime and learning for the real world!

Let Your Child Shine! !

  • Individual Courses
  • After School Enrichment Program
  • Navigate Camps
  • Chess Club
  • Contests and Certifications
  • Clubs and Affliations
  • Workshops and Special Labs
  • Fun'tional Packages

Licensed Centers - Ed Gurukul Enrichment Academy operates state and city approved and licensed centers for all its school age programs. In all our centers, you can see the license displayed in the front office. Also, parents can refer to "Community Board" for all standard information with respect to our programs, safety rules and more....

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