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Terms of Admission

All the Classes are held throughout the year. Students can enroll at any point in time at several logical entry points into the courses. There are several levels in each course and students are placed in appropriate level based on their evaluation or based on their past performances.

A student can enroll in the current grade or a grade higher. However, admission into higher grade is determined also by a placement test that will be administered before starting the classes.

Registration is as simple as 1....2....3......

Step: 1: Decide on a course or courses that you would like to enroll in.

Step 2: Complete the appropriate form and e-mail to frontdesk@edgurukul.com

Step 3: Complete the admission by paying the fees.

Once you complete the above 3 steps, registration is complete and you will be scheduled for the class with class timings and other relevant information about the class.

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