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Courses - focused specialization

Our Academy Centers offer a wide range of Enrichment Courses, wherein students meet once or twice a week in a classroom setting and learn the lessons in the subject area chosen. In addition to the classes, students will also have homework to complete during the week which is due the following week when they come for the class.

Course is a simple subject multi-session activity, progressed step by step over the years to get mastery of the subject for advancement in school and career. You can just sign up for one course that you need help with or that you want to advance in school and/or career and get mastery of that subject by attending classes regulary and doing the assigned work systematically. You can also sign up for more than one course and benefit in advancing across several subjects.

Our Course syllabus is set to be in line with state standards which means the topics covered in our syllabus is highly beneficial in school. However, the actual material and type of work you get in our classes will be of higher standard and hence, it will be challenging and rewarding.

All our courses are divided into semesters and each semester has several module. See "The Structure" page for more details. There are several logical entry points into the course and hence please contact the center administrator to join a course at any time. You can just e-mail us with your questions by clicking here. You can also refer to our general information sheet on all our courses by clicking here.


In addition to the core courses offered throughout the year, Ed Gurukul may also introduce from time to time special courses and short term courses. Please refer to this page often to keep up with latest offering. .

  • EdG Math Grades K - 12  
    MY English Grades K - 8  
    Critical Thinking Grades K - 8  
    Sure Science Grades 1 - 12  
    Chess Rocks Basic - Inter.  
    Leadership Prep Grades 2-8  
    More.... See Links below  
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In addition to the core courses which are individual courses, we also offer selected programs which span across multiple courses packaged together for a specific purpose. Please see Programs for details.

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Ed Gurukul Distance Learning Program
caters to students who are not a position to attend classes in any of our centers but are interested in enrolling in any of our courses. There are certain courses that are offered in EDLP. Please visit us in the link above to learn more on this..

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Academic Calendar



Critical Thinking Skills

1. Analyzing

  • Separating or breaking a whole into parts to discover their nature, functional and relationships.

2. Applying Standards

  • Judging according to established personal, professional, or social rules or criteria.

3. Discriminating

  • Recognizing differences and similarities among things or situations and distinguishing carefully as to category or rank.

4. Information Seeking

  • Searching for evidence, facts, or knowledge by identifying relevant sources and gathering objective, subjective, historical, and current data from those sources

5. Logical Reasoning

  • Drawing inferences or conclusions that are supported in or justified by evidence

6. Predicting

  • Envisioning a plan and its consequences

7. Transforming Knowledge

  • Changing or converting the condition, nature, form, or function of concepts among contexts

EdG Math - Counting to Calculus

* Student joining in EdG Math Course will be taken through our levels step by step.
* EdG Math has 14 Major Levels ranging from PK to 12.
* Students can qualify to take any levels and need not be
bound by the grade they are in at school.
* Each Major Level has three sub Levels - Foundation, Application and Bridge.
* Foundation Series are numbered PKA through 12A - Fall Semester Courses
* Application Series are numbered PKB through 12B - Spring Semester Courses
* Bridge Series are numbered PKS through 12S - Summber Term Courses
* Fall / Spring Courses contain
    1. 1. 18 Work booklets covering 90 lessons, class work, and homework material.
    2. 2. 3 Module tests occuring every 6 weeks.
    3. 3. 1 semester exam.
* Summer Courses contain
  1. 1. 10 work booklets covering about 50 lessons, classwork, and homework material.
  2. 2 1 Term test.