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"MY english" - From phonics to public Speaking

Ed Gurukul Way: Please read information sheet on “Ed Gurukul Way” to know who we are, what we stand for and how we do.

MY English is Ed Gurukul’s revised course that had been designed to challenge students to think and be creative in developing their language Skills. The course has been revised this year again and our current revision is rev. 5.

Class: MY English Classes are very well structured with class room instruction in one session and tutoring help in another session. Classes are held throughout the year.

Modules and Grades: MY English course has 6 strands and 4 segments to prepare students to be effective in real world. All 6 strands (ref. to back page) are covered in all grade levels. Our English Course grade is nearly a level higher than their current grade. This challenges them to think ahead with enriched word power and effective writing skills.

Add-On Module: In addition to the regular classes, Ed Gurukul may offer additional modular short term courses to enhance specific segment of the Language. From time to time Journalism club will be announced which all the students can take part in and benefit from. In addition to that, Language Lab will enhance their Word power substantially, if utilized well.  

Contests: Students will get prepared for several competitions that are held in their schools or outside and they will also be eligible to take part in several contests conducted by “TOURNAMETRIX CORPORATION” (www.tournametrix.com) and hosted by Ed Gurukul throughout the year.

Language Lab: Ed Gurukul will offer Language Lab for students to come and work on vocabulary sheets and prepare a set of words each time. We have devised a set of 5000 words that are required for all students before they finish High School and many of them are required for SAT/ACT.  For Elementary grades sight words will be provided.

WORDSTARTM CERTIFICATION: This certification is a standardized test offered by Tournametrix corporation, for all students across the united states. Students can take 7 level certification examinations to master the word-set designed. Please visit www.tournametrix.com for all updates and announcements for current exams.

MY English 2014-2015
Foundation Level Application Level Description Class Schedule
PKA PKB Phonics Level I  
KA KB Phonics Level II  
1A 1B Introductory English Level I  
2A 2B Intro. English Level II  
3A 3B Intro. English Level III  
4A 4B Intermediate English Level I  
5A 5B Intermediate English Level II  
6A 6B Advanced English Level I  
7A 7B Advanced English Level II  
8A 8B Advanced English Level III  
9A 9B College Prep English Level I  
10A 10B College Prep English Level II  

In addition to the core courses offered throughout the year, Ed Gurukul may also introduce from time to time special courses and short term courses. Please refer to this page often to keep up with latest offering. .

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