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"Education gives Modesty;

Modesty gives Character;

Character gives wealth;

Wealth gives Righteous life:

Righteousness gives Happiness"

Two operating principles-

Love All, Serve All.

Help Ever, Hurt Never


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Our goal and pledge is "No Student Left Ignorant". If you are a registered EdG Scholar, rest assured, your academic needs on the courses enrolled for will be met by our Educators. Should you have any questions, concerns, please contact your Educator at the center near you or send an email to NSLI@edgurukul.com and someone will contact you and take care of your needs. Please note that we have number of labs and additional workshops that can augment the core lessons taught during the sessions. We will provide these additional resources for those who have completed the core homework and tests that are required to be completed and still has doubts in those areas.


  • Education
  • Modesty
  • Character
  • Wealth

Mission (Cont):

  • Righteousness
  • Happiness
  • Love All
  • Serve All


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