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Note to Parents

Please note that

  1. 1. Students are given daily/weekly homework. Please provide them the environment to complete the work on time.
  2. 2. Please review their grade from previous homework booklet and see the mistakes they have done.
  3. 3. Please ensure that they are doing those questions that were wrong from previous homework booklet, in a seperate single subject notebook just to make sure that they learn from their mistakes.
  4. 4. Please make sure that they bring all the things mentioned in "What to bring to class" and drop them 5 minutes before the class starts.
  5. 5. Please do not teach them at home any concepts given in our material. Help them understand the question. If they are having difficulty in understanding the concept, please write a note to our teacher in the front cover of the booklet.
  6. 6. If students have two pending homework booklets at any time, you will receive a note from our teacher. If they have more than 3 pending homework booklets, you will have parent-teacher conference and further lessons may be delayed until pending work is completed.
  7. 7. Please three hole punch all lessons and file them in order inside thel 3-ring "Ed Gurukul Purple Binder" provided to you.


PLease help us help your child.




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