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Progress Report and All star reward Program


Reward Chart:. Ed Gurukul's All Star Reward Program will be implemented to all students and all programs. Students can earn a total of 100 points per course they take during each semester. Once students earn 100 points, they will be given a reward medal and certificate which can be put in sheet protectors and file in a three ring binder. Students gathering enough points at each milestone will receive a star position like described at the back of the "All Star Reward Chart" and at each milestone level, student will receive additional attractive gifts for their accomplishments.

Progress Report: Parents will receive a progress report every 6 weeks and again at the end of the course. Progress report will show the actual score each module and any quiz/test score. Parents can also set up a meeting every 6 weeks to discuss the progress. in Each Course, students can earn a maximum of 100 points. Students earning less than 100 points will have to complete make up assignment and earn additional points to makeup to 100.




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