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The Academy.

“Excellence has no bounds!”

Ed Gurukul, a premier complementary educational institution which offers comprehensive course curricula in several fields. As the name suggests, Ed is for Education, and the word Gurukul stands for an Institution of advanced learning. In the Far East, the Gurukul was a place of learning where the student was focused on educating himself and learning the necessary skills from the Guru (“Teacher” or “Expert”).

The Key to success is “Preparation”. The student who is well prepared is well informed and hence well on the way to success. At Ed Gurukul, we are committed to preparing your child for a better future with education that is applicable right away in their school. We are in the field of “Complementary Education”, as our unique study method reinforces and enhances their learning.

The teaching and coaching methodology utilized is based upon its unique and comprehensive “4 Cube Framework” (as the logo suggests). Each student is placed at an appropriate Level after a placement test and from then on, they are on their road to success. Each Course will prepare the students for classroom success through its all inclusive, comprehensive curriculum. It will also help the students to compete in national level competitions many of which Ed Gurukul will facilitate throughout the year.

The duration of each term is 12 weeks and classes are held every week. Homework is given to the students for each day to practice on the concepts taught in the classroom sessions. At the end of each term, students are asked to teach a session (Not in early levels) and a test is conducted to assess the student’s progress. The student’s progress is monitored every week through the classroom discussions, quizzes, homework, and the tests. Regular feedback is provided to the parents on their student’s progress.

Teachers and Parents together can make the world a better place, by creating well informed citizens. Ed Gurukul is on its way to embark on this journey. Join us us to teach or be taught.

Mission  Statement
"Education gives Modesty; Modesty gives Character; Character gives wealth; Wealth gives Righteous life: Righteousness gives Happiness"
Two operating principles- Love All, Serve All. Help Ever, Hurt Never

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