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The Structure

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The courses are structured in capsules of 48 weeks in a year. The academic cycle is divided into three sections - Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and Summer Term. There are 3 six week sessions in Fall, 3 six week sessions in Spring and 2 six week sessions in Summer. Each 6 six week session will end with a module exam and review. Students are expected to complete all the homework assigned during the 6 six week session and pass the module exam with minimum score before they can move to next six week session.

All students in continuous enrichment educational courses will meet once a week for a classroom learning session that covers the entire course curriculum in a structured approach.

After the classroom session, the students take away key concepts for the week and will carry home works/assignments for the week. The homework is very important as it enforces the learning for the week. Students can also attend workshop/tutoring session that meets once a week.

From time to time, Ed Gurukul will meet with parents for information sessions when applicable. On a periodic basis, feedback is provided to every student during the learning progress. 

For more information on how the course is structured, please stop by one of our center.


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