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winning team


It takes a Team.... to develop a child.

As they say "It takes a village", we say, it takes a winning team to groom a successful student.


Our teachers are trained and developed by the Academy to teach students in our curriculum or any grade level work that the students may have doubts in. All our teachers are kind and focused and have passion in teaching. We constantly hire good teachers and train them in our methodology. Our teachers are expected to follow our calendar and curriculum and cover all topics designed for the course in the duration assigned.


We expect our parents to provide a suitable environment at home for the student to do his/her homework. There is no need to teach the concepts at home as our teachers will take care of them in class or during tutoring sessions. However, if your child does not understand a problem or a question, it is ok to explain what is expected and give some tips so that they can proceed further to completion.

Student - Our EdG Scholars:

EdG Scholars are expected to come to class on time, focus during the lessons, ask for clarifications, understand what to to expect from them as classwork and homework, and complete the work and bring to class for grading. Remember.. it is your time and hence, it is ecpected that you make best use of it and learn.


Finally, it is important that you join with your friends in learning the subject and form a community so that the learning becomes fun.


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TEACHER ---- Role of a teacher is to teach the subject in the manner students understands the topics.

PARENT -----Role of a parent is to provide an environment at home for student to study and do the homework and to monitor the work.

STUDENT - Make best use of the time both in class and at home so as to learn maximum from class and complete the work on time.

COMMUNITY - To make the learning fun and rewarding.