Author : Jani, Mahek
ISBN : 978-1-7923-8197-3 (eBook)
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Ariana Hetera is a survivor of the deadly Plague which killed many in her country, the Senetrian Isles. As a result, she is labeled as a witch and an outcast of society. However, her life changes when she is transported into the world of Tailea, a supposed utopia created by the Guardian Love. There, Ariana meets new, powerful allies and old friends, and learns she must stop the Queen of the Underworld, the Guardian Envy, from declaring her dominion and destroying the entire universe. However, on her journey, Ariana discovers deadly secrets about herself and those she loves, which could very well bring ruin upon her life. Will Ariana be able to handle her inner demons before its too late?



Mahek Jani is currently a senior at Allen High School and under the mentorship of EdGurukul Enrichment Academy. She lives in Allen, Texas with her mother, father, grandmother, and younger brother. Her favorite pastimes include reading under lamplight, rewatching Star Wars and Marvel content as well as all 8 Harry Potter movies, swimming laps at her community pool, and attempting to draw. Mahek currently hopes to major in biology in college, and to write more novel’s and learn new pieces on the piano in her free time.