EdG MathTM is Ed Gurukul’s flagship course that had been designed to challenge students to think and understand the concepts better so that they are ready to solve any problems given in school or in any competitive tests. We update the course content as needed.

Class: EdG Math Classes are very well structured with class room instruction in one session and tutoring help in another session. Classes are held throughout the year.

Modules and Grades: EdG Math has 6 strands covering all topics of mathematics that are needed in real world. All 6 strands – Numbers of Operations, Algebra, Geometry Measurement, Statistics and Probability and Functional Math, are covered at all Levels. EdG Math levels and lessons are designed in such a way  that the students can go through three stages of learning and coping up with school work. The three stages are Cath Up – Keep Up – Grow Up. This challenges them to think ahead and solve advanced problems.

Like all our courses and programs, EdG MathTM has 7 Levels that one can learn trough and progress. At each Level there are 4 steps and students can graduate from one level t next level by completing all the lessons and assignments at each level and gain mastery of the subject.

EdGMath  – Counting to Calculus



Novice Level – Steps K1 to K4

At this level students will be taken through basic training on all 6 strands of Math with over 360 Lessons in 4 Steps to progress through. Lessons in addition and subtraction, appreciation for equality, basic geometric shapes, basic units and graphs are provided.


Unlock Level – Steps LE1 to LE4

Students will get deeper understanding of all 6 strands of Math. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, introduction to all equality, inequality terms, intro to 2D and 3D shapes and properties, units of measurement, statics and probability introduction are trained in.


Moderate Level –Steps UE1 to UE4

Advanced addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, basic introduction to fraction, decimals; Deeper understanding of geometric shapes and properties, all aspects of measurement, plotting and graphing of different types are trained in.


Equip Level – Steps LM1 to LM4

Continuous practice of basic numbers of operations, advanced fractions, decimal, percentage, ratios and proportions; More into 2D and 3D geometry, more advanced measurements and problems, all statistical terms and problems based on those.


Recap Level – Steps UM1 to UM4

Recap of all the topics discussed earlier. Complete exposure to topics of Pre-Algebra.


Intermediate Level – Steps LH1 to LH4

Recap of Advanced Algebra I, Complete training in Honors Geometry, Trigonometry and, Algebra II


Challenger Level – Steps UH1 to UH4

Recap of Trigonometry, quadratics from Algebra II, all topics from Pre-Calculus and Calculus.

Each Level above has 4 Steps covering over 360 lessons in over 70 weekly booklets and 4 Major tests to progress through.