Ed Gurukul Way: Please read information sheet on “Ed Gurukul Way” to know who we are, what we stand for and how we do.

Phonics&Readingis Ed Gurukul’s revised course that had been designed to challenge students to think and be creative in developing their language Skills. Course curriculum is updated on a regular basis.

Class: Phonics&Reading Program is very well structured with class room instruction in one session and tutoring help in another session. Classes are held throughout the year.

Modules and Grades:Phonics and Reading is not by grade as this is a skill based program. Students as young as 4 years can start the program and complete all 7 levels if regular in about 3 to 4 years. Students completing all 7 levels of this program will be proficient in reading properly and enriched with over 4000 commonly used words. This program prepares students into our 7 Level Word Power Program which prepares students to earn and use over 5000 most used and powerful words.

The levels and lessons are designed in such as way that the students can go through three stages of learning. The three stages are Cath Up – Keep Up – Grow Up. This challenges them to think ahead.

Like all our courses and programs, this program has 7 Levels that one can learn through and progress.




Preliminary Level

Preliminary Levels – Training and words with Consonant Sounds as /b/, /s/, /ng/ and more. This level covers over 20 series.


Hooked – On Level

Hooked – On Level – Training and words with Vowel Sounds such as long o, short o etc. This level covers over 15 seies.


Optimal Level

Optimal Level – Covers sound and words such as /bl/, /rd/, and more. These are commonly used blend words. This level covers over 30 series and extensive word list is covered in tis level.


Next Level

Next Level – As the name suggests after completing Optimal Level, this level takes students to the next level in Phonics and Reading ability. This covers over 15 series and deals with sound and words with diagraphs such as /ai/, /de/ etc.


Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level deals with Advanced blend words and covers over 20 series and more than 200 words.


Critical Level

Critical Level deals with Advanced blend words and covers over 20 series and more than 200 words.


Senior Level

Senior Level deals with advanced diagraph words with over 20 series and over 300 words. This level provides mastery over this subject.

Each Level above has about 18 Lessons.